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Martial Arts in Cypress, TX

Bastion Martial Arts

What is Bastion?

A Bastion is a fortified area or stronghold usually within a fortress or castle. It is also a term used to describe an institution or person strongly defending or preserving particular attitudes or principles. As our namesake suggests, we are committed to self-defense and the preservation of principles that allow us to become role models and leaders. This philosophy is outlined in the BASTION shield; a symbol of defense and protection

Quality Instruction

Bastion Martial Arts provides martial arts lessons for a wide array of ages from little kids to adults. We focus on teaching skills that will endure a lifetime. Our curriculum expands beyond our applicable self-defense skills and includes improving health and personal wellness, focus, self-esteem, confidence, and discipline. We have also made it our goal to provide a martial arts experience that the entire family can enjoy; not just the practitioner. Our lessons provide quality instruction in an atmosphere that is fun and active for all.

Self-Defense Seminar for Teens & Adults

Come train with Bastion Martial Arts while we teach and demonstrate applicable self-defense techniques. We will explain, demonstrate and drill self-defense techniques that include various methods of striking, defeating grabs, pulling and clenching among other applicable skills.

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Bastion Martial Arts provides martial arts lessons for a wide array of ages from little kids to adults.

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Advantages and Benefits

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Bastion Martial Arts

We offer Lessons for Kids, Teens, & Adults. Contact us today for more information!

Bastion Martial Arts

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