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Our Mission

Bastion Martial Arts’ goal is to cultivate an experience that is truly unique. Our programs provide martial arts training and self-defense skills while instilling confidence, higher self-esteem, focus, and respect. All of this is accomplished through dedicated staff committed to delivering a rewarding experience. We are committed to assisting each student to become increasingly better and achieve their goals.

Our Martial Arts Instructors Promise To

Bastion Martial Arts in Cypress, TX

Be Dedicated Icon
Be Dedicated
Ambassadors of the Community Icon
Ambassadors of the Community
Treat each student with respect Icon
Treat each student with respect
Empower our members Icon
Empower our members
Help members reach their goals Icon
Help members reach their goals

Martial Arts Coaches

Bastion’s Head Instructor is Mr. Hottle. He began his martial arts journey in 1987 at a promising school in the Copperfield area of Houston. In later years, Mr. Hottle trained in modern combatives and defense programs as a member of the Department of Defense. He has also instructed martial arts for two other franchises before assuming the role of Head Instructor for Bastion Martial Arts. In addition, Mr. Hottle has also served as a referee and judging official for a litany of different tournaments. His experiences enable him to cultivate a unique learning environment and foster a positive atmosphere that enables fun in conjunction with training.


Cole Hottle - Head Coach

Cole Hottle

Head Coach

Bastion Martial Arts

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