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Bastion Martial Arts Little Warriors

This program is perfect for students ages 5 & 6 and is specifically tailored to their learning capabilities.

Bastion Martial Arts Kid's Program

This program is tailored for children between the ages of 7-11.  It harbors a more robust self-defense curriculum that also entails how to mitigate bullies.

Bastion Martial Arts Teen Program

This program can be enjoyed for Teens between the ages of 12-16.  Whether that student is the academic or the athlete, both will be challenged in an exciting and engaging experience.

Bastion Martial Arts Adult Program

This is a great opportunity for any adult. Whether you have experience or not, all are welcome.

Self-Defense Seminar for Teens & Adults

Come train with Bastion Martial Arts while we teach and demonstrate applicable self-defense techniques. We will explain, demonstrate and drill self-defense techniques that include various methods of striking, defeating grabs, pulling and clenching among other applicable skills.

Bastion Martial Arts

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